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Safety Tips aims to provide you with a safe & secure environment in which you search and find your life partner.

Security tips for you while finding your potential match

A few things to note while looking for your partner online are listed below.

Crosscheck all details in a profile

Profiles are checked to make sure they fit the requirements of We do not assure veracity of the details mentioned in the profile. We request you to use your resources to check out the details of the profile that you are interested in or use our Profile verification service to do it for you.

Involve your family

Marriage is much more than two people getting together. It is better to include your family members of the happenings and check with them on the decisions you take. It is safer to get your prospect acquainted with members of your family

Be cautious in your communication. Don't reveal too much too soon.

Do nothing in haste. Take your time to understand and know about the prospect you are interested in. Be cautious of people who make you uncomfortable or ask you irrelevant questions. Be hundred percent sure before sharing personal details.

Do not meet in private secluded places

Before meeting any individual, ensure that you are completely sure about the prospect. Do not meet your prospect in a private place. Meet your prospect in a public place and keep someone in your family informed.

Do not get intimate with a prospect

Avoid physical contact of any kind with your prospect. Resist any advances made in that direction. It is always better till after the wedding.

Recognize a money scam and keep away

Never give in to people who demand money. Do not send or spend money on anything. Avoid discussion of financial matters.

Report abuse if you find a member's conduct inappropriate

The cyber police help us with complaints regarding misuse of our services. Complaints can be set through email to The complaint can be anonymous as well.

Make use of our security features

We have done our best to make sure that your time with us is spent without any problems. has many other features that could help you.

Your safety is also your responsibility

We at would be delighted to help you find your right partner for life. We also would like to advise you to be cautious while doing so and take all the necessary steps to come to the right decision with the help of your family and right contacts.

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